Mastering Spelling: Learn How to Spell 'Opportunity' Correctly

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Updated November 13, 2023
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Spelling Tips: Opportunity or Oportunity?

Ever stumbled over spelling the word "opportunity"? You're not alone! This word, brimming with promise and potential, can be a tricky one to get right. Let’s explore the correct spelling of "opportunity," why it's often misspelled, and how to remember it correctly. After all, every word is an opportunity to impress!

Understanding "Opportunity"

"Opportunity" refers to a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. The trick in spelling it correctly lies in its double 'p' and single 't'. Many often misspell it as "oportunity" or "oppertunity," but remember, the correct spelling is opportunity.

Common Spelling Mistakes

Why do we get it wrong? It's often due to the way we pronounce it. The double 'p' might not be very pronounced, leading some to miss it. The key is to emphasize both 'p's in your mind.

Examples in Context

  • Correct: "She seized the opportunity to study abroad."
  • Incorrect: "He missed a great oportunity at work." (should be "opportunity")

Breaking Down the Spelling

Here's a quick breakdown to help you remember:

  • Oppor- as in "opposite." Both start with 'opp'.
  • -tunity as in "community." They rhyme and end with 'unity'.

Examples to Reinforce Learning

Let’s solidify your understanding with more examples:

  • Correct: "This job offers an excellent opportunity for growth."
  • Incorrect: "Finding an oppertunity like this is rare." (should be "opportunity")

Summary and Key Insights

Remember, the magic is in the double 'p' and the single 't'. With this in mind, the next time you write about an "opportunity," you'll get it spot on!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the word 'opportunity'?

"Opportunity" originates from the Latin 'opportunitas', which refers to a favorable condition or a chance.

Can 'opportunity' be used in different contexts?

Absolutely! "Opportunity" can refer to chances in personal growth, career, education, and many other areas of life.

Is 'opportunity' a common word in English?

Yes, "opportunity" is a widely used word, especially in professional and academic contexts.

Are there synonyms for 'opportunity' that are easier to spell?

Sure! Words like 'chance', 'occasion', or 'moment' can sometimes be used as simpler alternatives.

How can I remember the spelling of 'opportunity' easily?

Think of "opportunity" as having a 'pair' (double 'p') of chances to succeed, emphasizing the double 'p'.


Navigating the spelling of "opportunity" can be as rewarding as seizing one! Remember the double 'p' and single 't', and you'll be spelling it perfectly in no time. It's all about recognizing the nuances and embracing the learning opportunity.

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