Spelling Essentials: How to Spell "Remember" Correctly

By Strategically AI. Reviewed by Rebecca Hey.
Updated November 20, 2023
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In the tapestry of the English language, certain words, though used daily, can sometimes cause a moment's pause when it comes to spelling them correctly. "Remember" is one such word. It's a term that resonates with everyone – after all, who doesn't have something they need to remember? But when it comes to writing it down, some may second-guess themselves. This article is here to guide you through the correct spelling of "remember," ensuring that your written communication, be it a heartfelt note, an important email, or a social media post, is flawless.

Deciphering the Spelling of "Remember"

"Remember," meaning to recall or retain information in your mind, seems straightforward in spelling. However, it's not uncommon to see it misspelled as "remeber," "rember," or even "remeember." These common errors usually stem from mispronunciation or a simple slip of the fingers on the keyboard.

Common Spelling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The most frequent mistake with "remember" is omitting or misplacing the 'm' and 'b.' Remember, the word has a rhythm to it: re-mem-ber, with an emphasis on the 'mem' part, like "memory," which is fitting given its meaning.

Examples in Daily Use

To see "remember" in context:

  • "Please remember to turn off the lights before you leave."
  • "I can't remember the last time it rained this much."
  • "She has a great ability to remember faces and names."

Tips for Remembering the Spelling

A useful mnemonic for "remember" is to break it down to its root word "memory" and prefix "re-." Think of "remember" as the act of bringing something back into your memory. This association can help solidify the spelling in your mind.

The Importance of Correct Spelling

In our digital era, where written communication is a significant part of our daily lives, correct spelling is crucial. It's not just about avoiding errors; it's about presenting yourself as articulate and attentive to detail. Whether you're writing a professional report, a blog post, or a quick text, using the correct spelling of words like "remember" enhances your credibility and readability.


Mastering the spelling of "remember" is more than just a linguistic achievement; it's a step towards clearer and more effective communication. By understanding the nuances of this commonly used yet sometimes misspelled word, you can confidently express yourself in any written medium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is "remember" often misspelled?

"Remember" is often misspelled due to mispronunciation or a lapse in memory regarding its correct structure, particularly the placement of 'm' and 'b.'

Can "remember" have different meanings?

While "remember" primarily means to recall information, it can be used in various contexts, such as remembering a person, an event, or an action.

How can I improve my spelling of words like "remember"?

Regular reading, writing, and practicing spelling through various exercises can help improve your spelling of words like "remember."

Are there any online tools to help with spelling words like "remember"?

Yes, there are numerous online spell-checkers and writing assistance tools that can help ensure the correct spelling of words like "remember."

Is "remember" spelled differently in British and American English?

No, "remember" is spelled the same in both British and American English.

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