Spelling the Word 'Ukulele': A Comprehensive Guide

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The ukulele, with its cheerful sound and portable size, is a favorite instrument for many. However, spelling the name of this charming instrument can be a bit tricky. Let's strum our way through the correct spelling of 'ukulele,' ensuring you never miss a beat in your writing.

Understanding 'Ukulele'

The Correct Spelling

The correct spelling of the word is Ukulele. Originating from Hawaii, the word has its roots in the Hawaiian language, meaning 'jumping flea.'

Common Misconceptions

It's not uncommon to see 'ukulele' misspelled as 'ukelele,' 'ukalele,' or even 'ukelelee.' These variations, though understandable, are incorrect.

Usage in Sentences

  • Correct Spelling Examples:

Tips to Remember the Spelling

  1. Hawaiian Origin: Remembering its Hawaiian origin can help. The word starts with 'Uku,' which is a common prefix in Hawaiian language.
  2. Pronunciation: The word is pronounced as 'oo-koo-LEH-leh,' which might help you remember the 'lele' part at the end.
  3. Breaking It Down: Think of it as 'Uku' + 'lele.' This breakdown can make it easier to remember the correct spelling.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Incorrect Vowel Use: Avoid mixing up the vowels. It's 'ukulele,' not 'ukelele' or 'ukalele.'
  • Doubling Letters Unnecessarily: Remember, there are no doubled letters in 'ukulele.'


Spelling 'ukulele' correctly is essential for clear communication, especially if you're discussing music or Hawaiian culture. By understanding its correct spelling and common errors, you can confidently use this word in your writing and conversation. Just remember, it's 'Uku' + 'lele,' and you'll be in tune every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'ukulele' a Hawaiian word?

Yes, 'ukulele' is a Hawaiian word, and it means 'jumping flea.'

Can 'ukulele' be spelled differently in different regions?

While 'ukulele' is the standard spelling, some regions, especially in Europe, spell it as 'ukelele.'

What is the difference between a ukulele and a guitar?

A ukulele is smaller than a guitar, typically has four strings compared to a guitar's six, and produces a distinct, higher-pitched sound.

How can I easily remember the spelling of 'ukulele'?

Think of it in two parts: 'Uku' + 'lele.' This breakdown can help you remember the correct spelling.

Are there different types of ukuleles?

Yes, there are several types of ukuleles, including soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, each with a unique size and sound.

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