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From 0 in revenue to over £1 million — in less than 12 months

See how we used content marketing to grow a sports eCommerce store from a standing start to over £1 million in a year.

Ecommerce case study

Born out of necessity during the first UK lockdown as, like many others, Original Kettlebell founders struggled to find the equipment they needed to stay fit. Passionate about keeping people active in the tough times and the good, they founded an eCommerce store specializing in UK-made home gym equipment.                                     

With extreme demand during COVID, Original Kettlebell needed a content team to cut through the BS and create a lean content strategy to get them into fighting shape as quickly as possible. 

The problem

Original Kettlebell launched during a lockdown, which meant demand for their product was insanely high. They were busy doing all the jobs associated with setting up and running a new business but at warp speed.                               

Original Kettlebell had three core challenges with its content creation. First, like many other fast-growing businesses, they knew they needed content but didn’t have the bandwidth to do it themselves. 

Second, with demand high, they needed a content team that would recommend the highest value pages for the site without pushing them to publish extra pages for the sake of adding words.

Third, they wanted a plan to set them up for success after the pandemic ended and the demand naturally slowed. They needed a strategic content plan and the team to implement it.

“We’ve worked with other writers on past businesses, and we knew that the speed we were working at wasn't going to be possible for freelancers. We also were wary of agencies that take months to get going, then deliver little of immediate value.”

Despite its growth, Original Kettlebell was still a startup that was getting to grips with its costs, budgets, and the added complexity of delivering during lockdowns. In other words, they didn’t have an unlimited budget for content creation.

They needed an affordable solution focused on delivering the MVP to get them off the ground and through the initial growth stages. They needed us, a strategic content writing agency.

The solution

After chatting with a few agencies, Original Kettlebell found Strategically. We explained how our SEO content strategies worked — by understanding your business goals and target audience, we create a deeply customized, data-driven SEO strategy to power your sales — and they decided to give us a try. (Cue happy dance).

“Unlike other agencies, you said, “Let’s look at the data and find out what are the most valuable pages to add right now”. This was so refreshing. Your willingness to focus on what really mattered to the business instead of how many words you could churn out."

The goal was to create a streamlined content strategy for Original Kettlebell and then deliver the pieces of content that would add the most value to the business in the short and long term. 

After we’d conducted the keyword research and competitive analysis for the strategy, we recommended a simple two-pronged approach: 

  • Each product page should be reverse-engineered to be aligned with the available organic search. 
  • A series of pages designed to rank for individual kettlebell exercises, including videos and step-by-step instructions.

Simple, right?

We didn’t waste time devising complex strategies that would take months to implement. Instead, we listened to the client’s business goals and designed a lean strategy that would allow them to hit the ground running. 

But, while the strategy was simple, it was driven by data, and each page or exercise recommendation was recommended based on lucrative keywords uncovered in our research phase.

“The deliverable was simple, understandable, and, most importantly, quick to implement. The team had done an excellent job listening to our needs and sticking to the task.”

The impact

Since Original Kettlebell started working with us, “we’ve gone from 0 in revenue to over £1 million — in less than 12 months. And we rank top for around 300 valuable keywords.”

While many content agencies could have helped with the content creation, Original Kettlebell attributes the results to Strategically’s “willingness to listen, quick action, and deep understanding of the MVP model required for scaling a startup.”

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