13 December 2022
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21 copywriting examples that truly impress

copywriting examples

Creating a perfect copy is tricky for beginners, even for good writers. A great place to start is a list of great copywriting examples. 

You need to form your brand image through your copy and motivate readers to take specific steps like purchasing or subscribing. Hence, it's necessary to put the right words and accurate details flawlessly.

This task is challenging. But the following examples will give a clear idea of ​​creating a copy that not only sells but also blows your audience's mind. We've been providing content marketing services for years, and here are some examples we love.

What is copywriting?

It's an art of writing process for companies and brands to advertise and promote their service or products. Copywriting includes persuasive and highly engaging language. This writing process is designed to sell a service or product while simultaneously creating a brand voice.

The purpose of copywriting is to create promotional materials that induce the target audience to take some actions, for example, clicking on a link, purchasing a product, or signing up for a specific site.

Whether you're writing blog posts, landing page copy, or sales emails, it must speak to your target audience and influence their decision-making process.

Additionally, copywriting is not just a sales copy or blog post. It can be a video script, advertisement copy, social media content, brochure, or company tagline. 

Look at the weekly newsletters from your subscribed services in your mailbox. These are good examples of professional marketing content writing

You can also get fun copywriting examples from landing pages, promotion messages, product launch campaigns, and more.

Copywriters use a variety of tactics to craft an engaging tone of voice. It includes using the correct language and tone to target their audience and incorporating humor, storytelling, and other persuasive tactics.

However, the demand for copywriting is increasing worldwide as the online marketing job sectors are expanding. According to Google Trends, global interest in this sector has scaled dramatically over the past 5 years.

copywriting examples

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Why is good copywriting important?

Copywriting is a strategy for selling a product or telling a story. How do you know about Samsung, Apple, McDonald's, and Burger King? Through advertisements and marketing campaigns, right?

Telling a brand's story and advertising its products or service is necessary to grow a company's image and generate more profit. And only good copywriting skills hold the power of fulfilling them.

An expert copywriter knows how to craft compelling stories that connect with the reader at an emotional level. It moves the audience along the buyer's journey and makes them take the desired action. 

It's not enough to have a catchy headline—the entire content must be engaging, containing facts, figures, and stories that grab the reader's attention.

10 essential characteristics of successful copywriting

Writing a copy that captures your audience's attention and resonates with them is an art. So, you should know which characteristics to develop and hone to become an expert in this field. 

Some essential characteristics of copywriting can take your average writing to the next level. Every aspiring writer looking to get ahead in the industry must focus on these aspects: 

Know your audience 

Before you even start writing, you must have a solid understanding of who you're writing for. Knowing your audience means understanding their needs, interests, pain points, and preferences. 

Taking the time to get to know your target audience will help you craft a copy that resonates with them. However, don't think about targeting everyone while writing. You need a target audience according to your niche.

Suppose your company sells wristwatches and wall watches, but both products have different audiences. If you try to target the wristwatch audience in your wall watch copy, it won't generate sales. Hence, knowing your audience is a must.

Straight to the point

Successful copywriting is all about clarity. You want to get your message across without any fluff. Keep it concise and to the point.

Refrain from bogging your reader down with long-winded sentences and paragraphs. Instead, focus on making your writing concise and clear. They should understand your message without reading the text twice.

Be persuasive

The key to great copywriting is persuasion. Your writing should convince a person to take the action you want. 

And to build the copy in such a way, you must consider why they should buy that product or service.

For example, when advertising a Rolls Royce, you're selling luxury, not a car. Again, if you're promoting insurance, you're selling security. 

In short, to convince them, you need to identify the point of interest and use persuasive techniques, such as storytelling, evidence, and inspirational words. Don't be pushy or over-the-top unless the marketing strategy demands that.

Grab the reader's attention

Copywriting should be engaging and entertaining. It has to capture the reader's attention and keep them hooked so they read the whole text and get your message. 

For this reason, the word choices for your copy's headline, subhead, and introductory parts are crucial. If the heading can't get the reader's attention, your body copy may not stand a chance either. 

Hence, you should start writing with exciting stories, helpful advice, action words, or enticing facts. Another way of grabbing attention is understanding readers' pain points and highlighting the benefits of the features accordingly.

Make the writing jargon-free

Suppose you're a teacher and want to educate your students. If you use complicated words or incoherent speeches, your students won't understand or learn anything.

Similarly, your target audience won't get your message if you write an unorganized copy full of acronyms and slang. This way, they won't follow up, and your writing effort will fail.

Keep your language as simple, clear, and concise as possible. Remember, your readers are not experts in the same field as you, so you must ensure they understand what you're trying to say.

Make your writing SEO-friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must for any content creator, as it helps to ensure that the target audiences see your content. SEO-friendly writing includes using the right keywords, optimizing the titles, and keeping the length of your copy reasonable.

Structuring your content helps search engines recognize your writing as relevant and authoritative. In fact, numerous factors determine your content's ranking on the SERP. 

Tailor writing to the target platform

Different platforms require different writing styles. It's essential to tailor your copy to the platform you're creating for.

For example, social media posts should be engaging and concise, while a blog post could be more conversational and open-ended. Again, a landing page needs different copywriting compared to a billboard.

You need to change the format, tone, length, style, and delivery of your marketing copy depending on the channel you'll post. 

Add call to action

Besides explaining the products, services, and brands, you need to give clear directions of action to the consumers. Whether it's about clicking a link, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase, make sure your call to action is clear and engaging.

The point is you don't want to leave your reader wondering what to do after reading your copy.

Avoid grammatical mistakes

Even minor typos can detract from your message and damage your credibility. Before you hit the publish button, make sure that you’ve proofread your work and corrected any mistakes.

To avoid this grave issue, use some free tools for spelling and grammar checking, such as Grammarly. You can even hire an editor to proofread your text. 

Keep a swipe file

This point isn't about writing style, but it helps you develop a collection of good copywriting examples. 

There are plenty of excellent examples, from cleverly-worded advertisements to well-crafted blog posts. Take some time to study how other copywriters craft their content and use it to inspire your work.

Copy and paste the link in your swipe file whenever you find good sales pages, blog posts, email posts, or social media ad copy. This way, you can get quick ideas from good sources related to your topic.

21 excellent copywriting examples for the writers to follow

When you want to create a compelling copy, knowing the history and complete story of the brand is necessary. Here are some good copywriting examples that show how to build excellent copy:

  1. The Dollar Shave Club

copywriting examples

Dollar Shave Club introduced itself to its potential customer through a viral YouTube advertisement. It gave them a unique brand voice and made them stand out among the other shaving tool companies.

They highlight the customer's pain point, which is expensive and inconvenient shaving. Their solution? An easy-to-use razor at a pocket-friendly price.

Credit: Gription Gear

Look at this banner ad. The tagline, "SHAVE TIME. SAVE MONEY.", drives the point straight home. 

Here the word "Shave" refers to 'Save.' It indicates that you can make your tagline catchy with the company's purpose to attract customers, even if it breaks a few grammar rules. This brand is an excellent copywriting example with a strong brand voice.

  1. Gillette

It's one of the best examples of copywriting from another shaving brand. But unlike the Dollar Shave Club, Gillette conveys their message through counterintuitive and shocking copywriting.

From 1989 to 2019, their tagline was "The Best a Man Can Get." They had worked on endorsement deals and spent a considerable budget targeting alpha males.

But the company changed its tagline to "The Best Men Can Be" in early 2019. Here you can see the development of self-esteem and a hint at the success a man can achieve. 

They also addressed the toxic masculinity issue through their ad campaigns. Sure it earned criticisms on some fronts but gained ten new customer bases as well. 

When you want to gain the trust of your audience, you must first trust your brand. Emotional connections are necessary to attract your consumers when it comes to copywriting. That’s why Gillette ads are good examples of copywriting. 

  1. Bombas

Beanz Meanz Heinz is the most lucrative and memorable slogan in the United Kingdom. Do you know why this is an outstanding copy and people remember it?

It's because of the fluency and rhythm of the slogan. Generally, people tend to remember advertisements that use rhythm. And it's a secret recipe for a brand to make their potential customer remember them through their copy slogan. 

Take a recent catchy copy from Bombas as an example. The sock and apparel brand used a rhyming slogan, "KIDS SOCKS THAT POP," in their homepage value proposition. This tagline catches the attention of the visitors quickly.

Bombas didn't stop here. They added another rhyming slogan like "Stock Up. Sock Up." to make their copy fun and memorable.

In addition, the slogan carries the company's message that they sell the best quality socks. Here you can find the direct message, call to action, and easy-to-understand elements of good copywriting.

  1. Ricola

This cough lozenge production brand never tried to brag about its quality or invite a doctor to discuss when a cough is severe and so on. Instead, Ricola made an advertisement video series about how a sudden cough placement during a conversation can distort the whole meaning.

They didn't add any persuasion copy, just product descriptions, and demonstrations. Surprisingly, their ads were more lively than others and soon became the best copywriting example of edgy humor. 

Their sarcastic ads were simply funny, non-offensive, memorable, and straightforward. Here is an example:

Credit: Ads of the World

In this slogan, the 'cough' represents the coughing problem sarcastically. Let us explain. 

Suppose you're complimenting your spouse about their outfit. But you have a cough problem, so you accidentally coughed during the complimenting, and it changes the whole meaning.

Therefore, Ricola recommends their products to avoid awkward situations. 

In addition, you can't ignore their catchy and brilliant tagline, "Make sure good news sounds like good news." This tagline indicates the whole purpose of Ricola products.

  1. Card Against Humanity

We genuinely like this copywriting example. The combination of abrasive and little offensiveness makes the copy perfectly line up with its audience and brand voice.

This brand introduced itself to its audience as the "party game for horrible people." Card Against Humanity is a card game company that serves the purpose of entertainment and inappropriateness at the same time.

They give you a guarantee that the text on the cards will make you laugh. Generally, their brand voice is a bit abrasive, offensive, and distinctive. They followed the characteristics of good copywriting examples well.

For instance, they target only specific groups and design their copy that delivers the brand's game purpose. Looking at their FAQ page, you can understand their brand voice more clearly.

Now let's look at their answers to understand how a little offensive but sarcastic answers of copy should be.

You'll find them making fun of their readers and themselves simultaneously, which is the theme of the Card Against Humanity game. And this is the reason why their customers love them.

  1. Innocent Drinks

Another excellent example of copywriting is Innocent Drinks. The outline of the copy is pretty cute and smooth. If you go through their menu, you can see how they made it easier for their customers to get product information.

They've added individual sections like 'things we make,' 'things we do for the planet', and 'things we do for people.' These sections made it easier for customers to know about their brand and purpose.

The reason why we mentioned it as a great example is that they start with a clear description. They let their consumers know that Innocent Drinks are made with natural foods, less water, and no artificial colors and flavors. 

This way, they can clear the consumer's prime doubt about their products even before they start to read. When it comes to product selling, it's necessary to add accurate product descriptions with all ingredients to gain trust. 

Otherwise, it'll create doubt about the products and make them hesitate to take the action you want.

  1. New Rolls Royce

Credit: Go Edit

The luxury car company celebrated its 60th anniversary recently. While advertising their cars for the anniversary, they used "Specificity and Detail" as their advertising slogan.

Accurate details are necessary for developing copy that can gain the audience's trust. For example, New Rolls Royce once advertised their cars in a newspaper titled, "At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock."

Now think, what if someone builds that advertisement with the title "this model is noiseless"? Which one will the audience believe? Sure, people would believe the title declaring the car makes noise.

That's why accurate details are necessary to create a strong copy. You can also add some other essential information, like the company used a stethoscope to detect the sound of the axle or whether the clock makes noise. 

Adding more details and facts will increase the value of your copy. That's why this copywriting example is one of the most successful examples of detailed product copywriting.

  1. First Round Capital

Here is another fantastic example of copywriting. First Round Capital utilizes simple language to connect with readers. The purpose of their company is to help people start their company.

Here the pain point of readers is to start a new company. No wonder this is a more challenging task than gaining potential customers' trust.

First Round Capital assures their readers that they (readers) are understood and the company is ready to help. Remember, there are two more purposes for creating copy, to make people feel understood and to guide them to take steps.

And this company is one of the successful examples of how to make people feel understood through copywriting. They conduct multiple events every year to connect with their community.

Throughout their copy, they used the right words like imperfect, vulnerable, and safe to encourage readers to feel understood and to trust their company.

  1. Basecamp

This company is famous for its sales copy and website. But why? It's because they use simple and conversational language to create their copy. The style and tone of writing are similar to how their customers communicate and think about their tasks.

They use the PAS (Problem, Agitation, and Solution) copywriting formula. First, Basecamp identifies the customers' problems and describes them from the reader's perspective.

After that, it makes the readers' problems more emotional by twisting them. Can you guess their strategy here? Before they disclose the solution, they make readers seek the solution even more.

Then Basecamp presents the solution when customers desperately seek relief. You'll see what we mean by checking the Before and After page. Basecamp also contains social proof beneath the "call to action."

  1. Give Directly

The specificity of this organization makes it a great example of copywriting. Give Directly is a donation NGO. You can see the location, name, and face of the person you're donating to on their site.

The "call to action" button includes the name of the donation receiver, such as "Give Directly to Diallo."

This way, Give Directly connects its audience with the in-help-person worldwide. And this specialty is bringing their audience close to their organization. The company also resolves objections as soon as possible.

They let you choose whether to donate once, monthly, or annually. So why did we select Give Directly as one of the good copywriting examples?

It uses a very easy-to-understand interface to make the donation process more straightforward and fixes objections quickly. These all are the characteristics of the best copywriting examples.

  1. BarkBox

The charming wordplay is what attracts the audience toward BarkBox. They use easy yet tricky words to make them want to buy BarkBox toys for their puppies. This company tries to make its boxes for puppies exciting and appealing by adding different toys and treats.

Sadly, dogs can't explain what they want, and new puppy guardians can't understand without experience. Therefore, they organize their boxes with experienced puppy owners.

This way, BarkBox conveys that they understand what a puppy owner is looking for. And this is the purpose of copywriting - to understand the consumers and persuade them to purchase your products.

  1. iPod

Credit: Aegon Boucicault / UnSplash

We all know about Apple, and there is no doubt its copywriting always stands out. But what made this possible? Remember the points we mentioned in the essential characteristics of good copy?

This is the secret of successful copywriting for the iPod. Apple primarily focuses on the product's benefits instead of features while advertising its products. Still, when they advertise their iPhones, they mainly highlight how the phones are helpful instead of how many features it includes.

However, their first successful marketing copy starts with the iPod launch. For example, one of their iPods includes 1 GB storage, but they advertise how many songs it can hold instead of the storage.

So, Apple sets an excellent copywriting example by considering how their products will benefit customers rather than throwing features and leaving consumers wondering.

  1. J.Peterman

This company is named after its owner John Peterman. If you are looking for good copywriting examples of storytelling, we recommend you check out J. Peterman Company.

It organized the categories of products with pretty interesting titles like 'sugar and spice and everything nice,' 'chilly weather has met its match,' and 'toast to winter.' 

Even random visitors on the site are likely to check their collection because of the title.

How is this a great copywriting example? Every clothing item in their online shop shares a fun, unique, popular, or compelling story, such as the Rose Met Jack Dress.

There's nothing new to say about the popularity of the Titanic movie. Just look at the product's description: 

Of course, this isn't necessary to develop such a storytelling description, but this makes J. Peterman different from others.

  1. Frey

This cloth-washing product brand is one of our favorite examples of copy with social proof. The best part of Frey is they attract consumers through the most shocking and humorous reviews.

Additionally, they highlight how their products are made and strive to make a positive difference with their consumers.

It's a great way to build trust with your audience. This isn't because you are selling a high-quality product but because you're being honest with them.

Besides, highlighting humorous reviews poke readers' emotions and make them want to purchase products and leave funny comments afterward. These make Frey copywriting unique from its competitors and encourage consumers to buy their commodity products.

  1. RXBar

Consumers usually need to look for the ingredients on the packaging while buying a product. But RXBar made reading ingredients easier by large printing on the front and center part of the packaging.

Generally, consumers prefer a product's simplicity and transparency, and RXBar values these qualities the most. People who are strictly conscious about their health always examine the ingredients of what they're eating.

With RXBar, the examination task becomes quick and less messy. Regarding food copy, highlighting features makes it easy to understand for readers.

Instead of focusing on unpronounceable ingredients, RXBar mainly focuses on features that make their copywriting ideal to follow.

  1. Omsom

We personally love how authentic and playful their copy is. The Pham sisters (founders) shared the story of their company and a bit of their heritage and history.

They explained how their product, with all essential sauces, aromatics, and seasonings, takes your Asian dish to another level. Omsom mainly targets those audiences who love partying and Asian dishes but don't know how to make their dish taste like heaven.

Generally, they're not directly advertising how good their products are. Instead, they're throwing the benefits of how customers can quickly and easily make their dishes delicious with their products. 

In addition, they're matching their copy slogan with their consumers' language. For example, in "THE TRY 'EM, ALL SET," they didn't follow grammatical rules to convey their message within a few words. This is also a good characteristic of copywriting.

  1. GoPro

This brand is one of the perfect copywriting examples of audience awareness. Spend a few minutes on the GoPro site to learn how to create a copy with an ideal buyer persona.

GoPro connects with its consumers through the right words and with the right products for different activities.

In addition, their product descriptions are pretty honest and detailed, which increases the audience's trust. For example, the "LiveBurst mode captures 1.5 seconds before and after you hit the shutter." 

Again, their potential target is people with sports interests. That's the reason we mentioned it as a copy with audience awareness. A sports person looks for cameras that can click perfect pictures while they're in motion.

And GoPro advertises how many pictures the cameras can take in a minute instead of how they work. This is what consumers want to hear.

  1. Trello

Concise and unambiguous language is what readers look for to understand what a product is like. Trello is the ideal example of that. The purpose of Trello is to bring their users' tasks to one place virtually to make it easier, including their teammates.

Changing into project management software is tricky and messy while working on a large project. Trello focused on this problem and divided their software into three sections: 'To Do,' 'Doing,' and 'Done.'

In short, they solved a problem for their users, which brought them closer to Trello and made them sign up for Trello's website. 

Their slogan on the site is crystal clear and represents their purpose efficiently: "It's more than work. It's a way of working together." It's what makes their copy appealing and trustworthy.

  1. Pourri

The main characteristic of their copy is an outrageous sense of humor. If you go through their FAQ pages in product pages, you can enjoy their touches of humor.

Pourri takes their FAQs answers to the next level using their toilet humor signature brand. That's why their customers remember them as a brand that sells its products through humor.

Here's an example of humorous answers to their FAQs on the Pawsitively Fresh product page.

When it comes to copywriting, you must remind yourself about its purpose. No wonder Pourri could follow the tradition and boring FAQ pages, but they didn't do that. 

That's where they made themselves apart from other similar brands. And they proved that a well-written FAQ could bring a massive change in marketing and make consumer love and remember their brand. 

  1. Porsche

Credit: Presskit Porsche

This car company copy shows how their cars develop each year. Through Porsche ads, their consumers can easily understand what's new in their new models compared to the previous models.

Their copywriting is pretty detailed and easy to understand, quickly catching readers' attention. Porsche presents their features like a feeling; for example, they describe how it'll feel when buyers will drive it at its max speed. Here you can find the characteristics of emotional connection.

Besides, Porsche includes excellent animated graphics and upbeat background music to create the whole vibe. These features of their copy make them a great example to follow.

  1.  "If You Dream It, You Can Tweet It" Billboards

This statement is an inspirational boost for people, which went viral in early 2022. Here are some examples of how old tweets of celebrities came true and turned into inspirational billboards:

Credit: The Drum

These are not only billboards but also strong examples of social proof. Similarly, customer reviews, star ratings, media quotes, testimonials, and clients' logos are also social proof.

Most companies and brands prefer attracting customers through reviews as a source of copywriting gold.

Back to those tweets. The purpose of this billboard copywriting is to make an emotional connection with people. It makes them believe that they're not alone in struggling to make their dreams come true.


So, you now have enough ideas and techniques to build a well-written and appealing copy for audiences from the above copywriting examples. 

Remember that good copywriting contains precise and straightforward language, benefits, hooked subject lines, and a story. If you follow these techniques and strategies, you can create more compelling copy than the above examples. 

If you're looking to make your copywriting stand out from the rest, consider using our experience copywriting service. With our help, you can bring your copy to life and create an impact that stands out from the crowd.

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