26 best WordPress eCommerce themes

By Strategically AI. Reviewed by Rebecca Hey.
Updated March 13, 2023
29 minute read
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Wondering which WordPress themes are best for eCommerce stores?

Here, we've recommended the top 26 themes on WordPress for eCommerce businesses.

At the bottom of the article, we've shared additional helpful information, including why you need a WordPress theme for eCommerce, and how to choose the best theme for your store.

Key Takeaways:

  • A WordPress theme is a collection of files that produces the appearance and structure of your website.
  • There are tens of different themes on WordPress, some free and some that you need to pay for - and certain themes are better suited to eCommerce stores than others.
  • Our top recommended WordPress eCommerce themes are Astra, Divi, and Flatsome.

What are the qualities of a good eCommerce WordPress theme?

What makes one eCommerce WordPress theme better than another?

Below, we've highlighted the top qualities that all the best eCommerce WordPress themes have in common.

  • Clean, attractive design. The best WordPress eCommerce themes have clean layouts and an attractive style that suits your niche, your products, and your audience.
  • Adaptable and responsive. The best eCommerce themes should also be adaptable across all desktop and mobile screens, allowing for good usability.
  • Maintained by the developer. Your chosen theme should be regularly maintained and updated by the developer to make sure it stays relevant and compatible with newer versions of WordPress.
  • Optimized for search engines. The top WordPress themes are designed for optimization on search engines, with features including fast page loading, structured data, good link structure, and proper tagging.
  • Offers additional features. An effective WordPress eCommerce theme may offer additional features, including widgets, sliders, and translation-ready, which should make the visitor experience more valuable and save you time in designing the website.

14 best WordPress themes for eCommerce - Free

Let's jump straight into our review of the 14 best free WordPress themes for eCommerce businesses.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: All eCommerce stores
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 1 million

Astra is the most popular WordPress eCommerce theme, with more than 1 million total installs. You can use Astra with a number of popular page builders, including Visual Composer and Elementor.

Astra is a highly customizable theme, with different templates designed for different websites, including various eCommerce templates. Many of these templates are free, but some are premium themes that come at an annual cost.

You can utilize Astra's multiple custom widgets and add-ons to make your site your own. Because Astra is a lightweight theme, it'll maintain fast loading times of just 400 milliseconds.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: All eCommerce stores
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 1,000

SparkleStore is a WordPress eCommerce theme that's best suited for WooCommerce stores.

This WooCommerce WordPress theme is a good option for eCommerce stores selling physical products and downloadable items, and is compatible with RTL (right to left) language support. and multilingual plugins, giving the option to reach an extended audience range.

SparkleStore is compatible with the most popular page builder plugins, including Beaver Builder and Elementor, so it's quick and easy to customize your online store. As a SparkleStore user, you'll get advanced support (at no extra cost) and lifetime updates, so your site should stay fresh and secure.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: eCommerce stores with small inventories & beginners
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 10,000

Botiga is our top recommended WordPress eCommerce theme for beginners and eCommerce stores with small inventories.

This simplistic WordPress theme has all the essential features and built-in widgets for a fully functioning store, without having an overwhelming number of customization options.

The Botiga theme is elegant and minimalist, and versatile enough to be used by a variety of eCommerce businesses. You can choose from numerous header styles, and filters and product-recommended features are built in.

With Botiga, you can easily add a blog section to your online store, which you can build out with consistent content to boost your website ranking potential.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: eCommerce stores that want additional customization options
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 100,000

Sydney is ideal for you if you have specific needs that you want to cater to, or you just want as many customization options as possible on a free WordPress theme.

Some of the highlights of the Sydney WordPress eCommerce theme include its sticky header, which allows customers to access their shopping cart no matter where they are on your website, a theme options panel, which lets you quickly alter the colors and layout of your website, and the option to change your font to anything in the entire Google Fonts library.

You also get plenty of social features on Sydney, allowing your customers to find you on Instagram, Twitter, and more via clickable social icons.

The free versions of Sydney give you regular updates that offer new features and fix existing bugs. You can pay for a premium version of the theme if you also want to get 24/7 customer support and shop demos.

Rife Free


Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Design and fashion eCommerce stores
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 30,000

Rife Free is a WordPress eCommerce theme that's best suited to fashion or design eCommerce stores.

This lightweight WordPress theme is quick to load and is bursting with visual elements, so it's great for stores that want to let their product images do the talking.

Like all the best eCommerce WordPress themes, Rife Free is compatible with WooCommerce, and you can customize your website with a choice of seven design demos.

It's easy to see your website amendments in real-time with the Live Preview Feature, and you can use the Schedule tool to make advance updates, so you can effectively organize and prepare new product launches and releases.

Rife Pro is a premium theme and an upgrade of Rife Free. Consider Rife Pro if you want access to a more advanced range of features and designs.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Stores looking for lots of customization options
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 100,000

Like Sydney, Neve is a WordPress eCommerce theme that's ideal for a WordPress website owner who wants the flexibility of lots of customization options.

Neve lets you put your branding into your web design by changing fonts, uploading your logo, and customizing colors, making it easy to create a standout design.

The Neve theme is integrated with Elementor, so you can edit your page layouts with a simple drag-and-drop technique.

This free WordPress eCommerce theme is fast-loading and offers one of the better homepages we've seen, with feature boxes that make it easy to showcase your most popular products and your shop policies.

You can choose between numerous starter sites (a selection that continues to grow) to tailor your design to your products and brand.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Agencies, corporations, and eCommerce stores
  • Cost: Free
  • Installs: > 100

On the face of it, Castell looks like a WordPress theme that's only suited to agencies and corporations. However, Castell has a customizable homepage that you can use to showcase your products, so you can use this theme for your eCommerce website, too.

Castell is one of the few themes that offers all its features up front, with no extra features that are only available in premium, paid versions of the theme. It's also fast, so shouldn't cause problems with page loading time, and has a simple design that you can adjust to suit your brand and products. Elements like page layout, background, and slider can all be amended in a matter of minutes.

You can use Castell with the WooCommerce plugin and other popular plugins on WordPress. You can also take advantage of Castell's SEO features to boost your website's ranking on the SERPs.

Open Shop


Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Design-focused eCommerce stores
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 4,000

Open Shop is a free WordPress eCommerce theme that's best suited for design-focused eCommerce websites. The theme comes with numerous templates that cater to different layout preferences, and there are various options for different widgets and footers, color schemes, headers, and product carousels.

The look and layout of Open Shop isn't particularly unique, but it's easy to use this tool to build your online store and the WooCommerce integration is spot-on.

It takes just minutes to set up a website using Open Shop, and the live customizer has all the features you could possibly want, so it's a great beginner-friendly option for folks who just want to get their website live as soon as possible.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Multi-vendor eCommerce stores & online marketplaces
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 8,000

If your eCommerce site is using (or will be using) multi-vendor plugins, Woostify is a great WordPress theme to consider. This lightweight WordPress theme is compatible with the likes of WCFM Marketplace and Dokan, allowing you to showcase items from multiple vendors on your website.

So, if multi-vendor selling is on your horizon or you're building an online marketplace, and you want to keep costs low to begin with, definitely look into Woostify.

Because Woostify uses a modular architecture, you can pick and choose which modules you want to use. That means you can speed up your website's loading times by disabling the modules that aren't important for your website. Product swatches and custom widgets are also supported on this WordPress theme.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Any eCommerce store
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 50,000

Zakra is a theme that gives you the choice between 50+ clean, simplistic design demos, all integrated with the WooCommerce plugin already (so no extra work on your part during website setup).

This lightweight WordPress theme offers fast page loading speed and a smooth, simplified shopping experience for the customer: both fundamental for a successful eCommerce business.

Zakra is also optimized for mobile use (the official term is AMP-ready), meaning that shoppers can access your website from any mobile device - an important search engine ranking factor.

You can upgrade to the premium version of Zakra to access a few more customization options, including the ability to amend the menu layout design for mobile devices.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Any eCommerce store
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 3,400,000

OceanWP is one of the most popular WordPress themes for eCommerce stores, with tens of eCommerce templates - and plenty of other templates for other industries, too. This WordPress theme is already integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and can be used with most of the most popular page builders.

OceanWP is fully-responsive and fast, so it should win some SEO points for offering the ideal shopper experience.

The free version of this eCommerce theme lets you choose between multiple layouts for your storefront, product pages, and blog. You can customize your header, logo, and font typography and color. However, many of the more exciting templates for this theme are premium and need to be purchased.

There are a few OceanWP eCommerce features that you can use to enhance your online store, like a floating Add to Cart button that follows customers as they scroll down the page.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 3.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Any eCommerce store
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 600

Storeship might not be as popular or well-known as other WordPress themes for eCommerce, but it's still worth considering for its versatility and customization options.

This WooCommerce WordPress theme has a sleek, simple design that's suitable for online stores across a range of niches, and has its own customizer tool that supports live editing (so you can see the changes to your website in real-time).

On a Storeship website, customers can add items to their carts immediately without having to leave the product page thanks to the hovering Add to Cart button. The theme is also fully responsive, with great mobile and desktop compatibility, and it's easy to add a secure payment badge to your website to encourage customers to part with their money.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Any eCommerce store, new stores
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 300,000

Kadence is one of the best free WordPress eCommerce themes for people venturing into eCommerce who want an easy website-building experience with a minimalist design and layout.

This multipurpose theme offers a library of pre-made templates, including a number of templates with eCommerce features, so you can get set up in a matter of minutes. Kadence also gives you multiple options for typography and color, custom layouts, and menu designs, all within an easy-use drag-and-drop page builder.

Even people with no previous website experience should find it easy to get started with Kadence.

You can upgrade to the premium version of this eCommerce theme at any time if you want to unlock advanced options, like use on unlimited sites and header add-ons.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Any eCommerce store
  • Cost: Free & premium versions
  • Installs: > 3,100,000

The final free eCommerce theme on WordPress that we want to highlight is GeneratePress. This lightweight eCommerce WordPress theme is great for speedy, easy-use website layouts, with a small install size (the default size is just 10 KB) that won't slow down page loading. How is it so small? Mostly because it uses pure JavaScript rather than space-consuming third-party libraries.

GeneratePress gives you plenty of opportunity to customize your website to your preferences, with easy color and typography adjustments, and footer, sidebar, margins, and padding editing.

You can use GeneratePress with your preferred page builder plugin (it's compatible with most popular plugins), and the free version of the theme offers more than enough for most people.

However, if you want access to demo designs that will save you hours of building a website layout from scratch, you'll need to upgrade to the premium version. 

12 best WordPress themes for eCommerce - Premium

Paying for a WordPress eCommerce theme gives you access to more features (including a number of helpful eCommerce features), which is handy if you want more than just the basic selection.

Here, we've outlined the 12 best premium WordPress themes for your eCommerce site.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Store owners looking for lots of design and customization options
  • Cost: Starts at $89/year
  • Installs: > 700,000

Our top recommended premium WordPress eCommerce theme is Divi. This best-selling WooCommerce theme makes it easy to create websites with beautiful designs and handy features with a drag-and-drop page builder (called the Divi Builder).

You can choose from a number of pre-built templates, with a whole section of layouts for online stores in different niches, to save you the effort of designing your website from scratch. Divi lets you customize all of your website elements, and you can use the search function to quickly find the options you're looking for.

Divi also has a "shop" module, which automatically adds a list of your products. The Divi Shop Module is a great way to organize your products based on which are on sale, which are selling best, or which are top-rated. You can also organize products based on categories, product count, and more.

Another handy feature of Divi is its split-testing system, which you can use to compare different designs on the same screen, making it easy to see which design looks best and is best-performing.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Any eCommerce site
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 150,000

Flatsome is another popular premium eCommerce WordPress theme that boasts a plethora of built-in features specifically tailored to eCommerce sites, so you don't need to take up extra space with downloaded plugins.

You get the WooCommerce plugin included with this theme, so it's easy to add an online store to your website without doing the designing and coding yourself. You can customize your website elements, including live search and custom dropdowns, with the theme's UX Builder.

No need to design your own templates if you don't want to - you can choose between tens of pre-made layouts on the Flatsome studio. You also get premium support and free lifetime updates with this theme.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Minimalist, modern online stores
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 10,000

Savoy has a minimalist design that lends itself well to online stores selling modern, minimalist products. This eCommerce WordPress theme offers a wide range of customization options, with built-in AJAX functionality to provide the best customer experience on both desktop and mobile.

Savoy is powered by WooCommerce and is designed to offer seamless shopping, with features including instant search suggestions (which show suggestions as a customer types in the search bar), multiple menu types (including menus with thumbnail images for different product categories), and various scrolling options (including infinite scrolling).

If you want to play around with different designs and layouts to find what customers love the most, you'll appreciate Savoy's vast customization options for your homepage, product pages, blog, and more.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: All online stores
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 80,000

Porto is a multipurpose WordPress theme with specific features that make it a great choice for an eCommerce site.

This WordPress theme can be adapted for a variety of niches, offering a host of tools and features - including more than 20 demo layouts - to quickly create a fast-loading eCommerce website. You can also choose between a large selection of headers, layouts, sidebars, sliders, category pages, menus, and scrolling options.

Porto is an SEO-friendly theme that's fully responsive, so it looks great on any device, and it's ready to display high-quality, high-retina images - essential for any online store. You also get dedicated support when you buy this theme.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Minimalist, modern online stores
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 30,000

Shopkeeper is a popular WooCommerce theme for WordPress users. This theme offers an extensive range of features, making it easy to quickly create complex websites without the need for coding knowledge.

You can use Shopkeeper to create any genre-specific website for your online store, with eCommerce features that are ideal for all manner of selling - from shippable products to digitals and affiliate products.

This eCommerce theme allows you to easily manage your inventory, collect payments, and organize and showcase your catalog of items. You can switch your website's eCommerce function on and off by enabling and disabling the Catalog Mode.

The WPBakery Page Builder (and some of its premium plugins) comes with Shopkeeper, and the theme is also compatible with Elementor and other tools for site layout customization.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Minimalist multi-vendor stores
  • Cost: Starts at $29/year
  • Installs: > 3,500

Metro is a WooCommerce theme for WordPress that's ideal for multi-vendor website owners who prefer the minimalist look.

This simple, classy theme puts all the focus on your products, and enhances the shopping experience on your online store with two premium plugins: WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro and Woommerce Variation Images Gallery Pro. These plugins drive customer engagement by providing more advanced browsing options.

You can choose between a variety of layouts, with a choice of 7 unique homepages, 7 category and archive page layouts, 3 blog page layouts, and 2 detail page designs. You also get numerous header styles and variations for your pages.

You can use Metro if you sell products from multiple vendors or you run an online marketplace because this theme supports the Dokan Multivendor plugin.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Any kind of online store
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 70,000

TheGem is an eCommerce WordPress theme that's bursting with options for your online store. This theme has hundreds of templates that you can choose from, including tens of templates for eCommerce websites in a variety of niches.

You can use TheGem with Elementor and Visual Composer, two popular drag-and-drop page builders, making it easy to curate your perfect page design - no coding needed. You can also use WPML integration to translate your website to any language, broadening your audience base.

Another additional feature of this multipurpose theme that's worth mentioning is the Popups Builder, which makes it easy to create stunning popups. You also get the choice between 30 flexible blog styles, more than 20 gallery layouts, and 60+ elements in 250+ styles.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Minimalist websites
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 2,500

Merchandiser is a simplistic, minimal eCommerce WordPress theme that's ideal for folks who don't want to overwhelm customers with the design of their online store.

This neat, compact theme is quick to set up and easy to use, and has a no-nonsense design that draws the eye to the most important part of your website: your products.

Merchandiser can be used to sell all manner of products, from physical items to digital downloads, affiliate products, and more. You get the most desirable WooCommerce features from this theme, including stock management, tax calculation, and business reports, so there's no need to confuse matters by using off-platform tools.

What else should you know about this theme? It comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, and you get free feature updates and 6 months of support once you get started.

Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme


Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Electronics eCommerce websites
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 22,000

Electro is the best WordPress eCommerce theme for sites selling gadgets and electronics. This flexible, robust theme comes with specific features that are best suited to the electronics niche, and supports integration with WooCommerce, YITH WooCompare, Visual Composer, and other popular extensions.

Electro gives you the choice between tens of design options, including light and dark themes and 11 complete website designs. This theme is easy to install and set up, and you get free one-on-one support and updates as an Electro customer.

This WordPress theme is fully responsive, meaning that it's optimized on all devices.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 5.0 stars
  • Ideal for: Minimal, clean store designs
  • Cost: Starts at $49/year
  • Installs: > 1,800

Halena is another of the best minimal, modern eCommerce themes available for WordPress. This user-friendly theme is simplistically designed but is packed with features to ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

This eCommerce theme is powered by WooCommerce and comes with built-in product filters, shopping carts, checkout, and other product widgets, so you don't have to add these features yourself. Halena is fully responsive and uses an advanced AJAX filter that makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they're looking for.

You can use Visual Composer, a drag-and-drop page editor, on Halena, meaning you can easily design your website without any coding knowledge.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Modern stores
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 1,200

Artemis is a multipurpose WordPress theme that's a great choice for a sleek, modern online shop. This fully responsive theme works great on mobile and desktop, and is fully compatible with Elementor - giving you access to a selection of pre-built website designs and 18+ Elementor widgets.

You can customize any of Artemis' demos with just a few clicks, and if you need it, you can request the complete PSD package, which gives you access to 100+ layered PSD files for fully-custom designs that suit your needs.

Artemis is compatible with a few popular plugins, including the WPBakery Page Builder (a drag-and-drop page builder plugin) and Slider Revolution (which lets you easily create attractive slideshow selections and presentations for products on your website).

You get free customer support and updates for life as an Artemis customer.



Key stats:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • Ideal for: Any online shop with a blog
  • Cost: Starts at $59/year
  • Installs: > 2,600

Hongo is another multipurpose WordPress eCommerce theme that's great for stores across a range of niches, from tech to trainers - especially stores with blog content.

This fast, flexible eCommerce theme is ideal for creating a WooCommerce online shop with a blog. Hongo is search engine optimized and comes with all the features and tools you need to create a fast, responsive website.

Included with this theme are 11 pre-made store demos, 200+ page elements, and a library of more than 250 templates to build your website quickly with no coding required. You can also choose between various blog templates, which you can use to further boost your SEO with quality content, and share product launches and other updates and announcements.

Hongo makes it easy for your customers to quickly find what they're looking for with its reliable product filtering feature.

Why do you need eCommerce WordPress themes?

You need an eCommerce theme on WordPress because a good theme will encourage visitors to stay on your website, purchase your products, and increase your sales.

When users visit your online eCommerce store, it takes them just 0.05 seconds to make their first impression - and ultimately decide whether they want to stay on your website or click away.

The best WordPress eCommerce theme will have a simple, attractive design that doesn't overwhelm customers and streamlines their shopping experience as much as possible. You may be able to achieve this without a WordPress theme, but installing a theme will save you tens of hours of time and effort in building your website from scratch.

Plus, using an eCommerce theme on WordPress is straightforward, and you don't need to know how to code. You can do it yourself, without the expense of a web developer or designer. Once you've bought the theme, it takes just minutes to personalize the theme with your own written content, preferred color scheme, images, layout, and more.

So, while eCommerce themes for WordPress aren't essential, they can help you to cut a lot of corners and save time in designing and building your website - and they produce a better result than most non-professionals could create from scratch.

How to choose a WordPress eCommerce theme: Our top tips

Read on for our top tips for choosing the best WordPress eCommerce theme for your online store.

Stay simple

It's natural to want to put your own mark on your eCommerce store by making it unique from the other websites out there. But do this with your color scheme, logo, and products - not with your entire WordPress theme.

A unique or unusual website layout and structure may confuse or overwhelm your customers, causing them to click back to the search results page without giving you a real chance.

Customers want a simple shopping experience above anything else, so don't complicate matters with a confusing WordPress theme. We recommend selecting a simple template that's similar to what's already on the internet.

Keep it relevant

Your WordPress theme should also be specially designed for eCommerce stores, not blogs or service-based websites.

A dedicated eCommerce theme will have layout and structure features that are ideally suited to eCommerce websites, including product pages, areas on the homepage for you to showcase your best-selling products, and so on.

Of course, your eCommerce store should have a blog, too, but this shouldn't be the main focal point of the website.

If you're not sure what an eCommerce theme looks like, check out your competitors' websites. Your top competition will most likely be using a theme that's ideal for an eCommerce audience.

And speaking of audience...

Know your target market

Different WordPress eCommerce themes appeal to different target markets.

For instance, a younger audience may favor an eCommerce theme that uses bold graphics and video.

Or, if you're selling expensive jewelry, you'll best appeal to your audience with cursive fonts and muted color tones.

Research your audience and find out what your potential customers are into. If you can appeal to them with your website, you should be able to appeal to them with your products.

Consider content

You can maximize the effect of the best eCommerce WordPress themes with high-quality written content.

Well-written content should be optimized for search engines, enabling your website to build up a sustainable flow of traffic - and, ultimately, boost your sales.

If you're not a content writing expert and you want to hand over your marketing and sales content to an industry specialist, there are plenty of professional eCommerce content writers who can turn your brand vision into a reality.

Stick to your budget

Before you start shopping around, work out your budget (and it's okay if it's $0).

There are plenty of free WordPress eCommerce themes that look the part and provide a seamless shopping experience for users. You don't have to pay more to guarantee a decent website design or a fully-responsive theme.

However, paying for an eCommerce theme will usually give you access to more features, so you might decide that a particular theme is worth the upfront investment. Just don't buy what you can't afford.

Avoid too many plugins

It's best to look for a theme that already has most of the features you need, so you don't have to add lots of plugins after.

Too many plugins will have an effect on your site's loading speed, which may cause customers to click away before they even see your products.

You can test your page speed with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights.

Free vs premium WordPress themes: Which should you choose?

So, you know our top choices for the best free and premium themes for your eCommerce website. But should you choose a free theme or splash out on a premium option?

It depends on your personal needs and preferences. But we will say from the start that you certainly don't need to pay for a premium eCommerce theme just to get something decent and responsive.

There are plenty of free WordPress themes that let you choose between a selection of eCommerce templates and have all the features that you could want, including plenty of customization options, good loading speed, and more.

However, it's common for the more visually appealing theme layouts to come at an extra cost. If you're really set on a specific template and you can foot the cost, then of course, spend the money on the theme that you want. Just be aware that paying for an improved look doesn't necessarily mean you'll get any additional features.

Some eCommerce themes do hide some of their more in-demand features - such as ongoing support and frequent updates - behind a paywall, so make sure you know exactly what you do and don't get from a certain free theme before you use it for your website.

There isn't a set rule for what makes a free WordPress theme and what makes a premium theme, so don't expect all themes to offer the same thing.

In short, there's no better option between free and premium WordPress themes for an eCommerce website, and you might decide that, especially while you're starting out, the benefit of a zero-cost website outweighs the additional features of a premium theme.

But if a certain premium theme takes your fancy and you have the budget for it, it's worth going for the upgrade for the additional functionalities and back-end customization options you can enjoy.

Final word

So, now you know the best eCommerce WordPress themes, why a good theme is important, and how to choose the best theme for your website.

Keep in mind that even the most attractive WordPress theme isn't guaranteed to win over your audience if other parts of your website are lacking.

For instance, a good theme is useless if you don't have quality written content to entice customers to buy your products.

High-quality eCommerce writing should build brand credibility, help your website to rank for keywords on search engines, and use descriptive, persuasive language that encourages customers to spend their money.

We recommend hiring a professional content writing agency if you're struggling for inspiration or you want to give your eCommerce website content a makeover.

Best WordPress eCommerce themes: FAQ

What is the best free WordPress theme for eCommerce?

The best free WordPress theme for eCommerce is Astra. We love the Astra theme because it's simple and fully customizable, and you get a lot of features and perks without having to pay for a premium upgrade. Astra has a whole host of pre-built website layouts to choose from, with a selection of layouts designed specifically for eCommerce online stores.

How do I choose an eCommerce theme?

To choose an eCommerce theme, look at what your competitors are doing (which tells you what already works), and choose a simple theme with most (if not all) of the features that you're looking for. Make sure your theme is suitable for your target audience and don't use too many plugins, which will slow down your page loading speed.

Is Astra theme good for eCommerce?

Yes, Astra is a great theme for an eCommerce site because it seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, you can customize it easily, and the simple layout is designed for quick customer navigation. Astra is both stylish and responsive, so it's ideal for most online stores.

Is Divi theme good for eCommerce?

Yes, Divi is a good theme for eCommerce sites because it's versatile and integrates well with WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms. You can use Divi to create an eCommerce website for any type of product. Divi is a premium theme, though, so it's not the best choice for folks who are just starting out and want to minimize their initial spend on an eCommerce website as much as possible.

What is the most used WordPress theme?

The most used WordPress theme is Astra - or, at least, Astra has had the most downloads. Astra is a popular theme because it's powerful, speedy, and simple, so it's ideal for building all manner of websites in a range of niches and industries.

Can you add eCommerce to any WordPress theme?

Yes, you can now add an eCommerce page to most WordPress themes. However, this depends on the type of theme and the template you selected. In some cases, it might still not be possible to integrate an eCommerce store into your existing website, or you might need to pay for a premium version of your current theme to enjoy this benefit.

Is WordPress okay for eCommerce?

Yes, WordPress is more than okay for an eCommerce online store - we would recommend WordPress over any other website builder for an eCommerce store because it's a versatile option that gives you the most control over your website's design and performance, makes it easy to manage your product range, and is compatible with eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

Meta description: Want to know what's the best WordPress eCommerce theme in 2023? Read our complete list of the best free and premium eCommerce themes for WordPress in this guide.

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