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Expert product description content for any eCommerce store

If you need seasoned product description writers, read on.

Great product description writers are hard to find. And if you do find them, they might be costly, charging more than you can afford. On top of this, with freelance product description writers, you can never be sure that the delivered content will be as expected. In other words, you cannot know if the product descriptions you’ll receive will accurately represent your product, help it rank high in the search results, and assist the consumer in finding the product they need. 

On the other hand, if you work with a writing agency, such as Strategically, you ensure that your product descriptions will be as perfect as possible. In the rare case our content (descriptions) misrepresent your goods or aren’t helpful to the consumer, you can ask for FREE revisions. Once you give us the cue, we’ll re-write the descriptions to ensure they meet your expectations and needs.

Over the last years, we’ve produced over 2M words of content for eCommerce stores active on Amazon marketplace, eBay, and Etsy. We’ve helped those stores scale their content by composing accurate SEO-optimised descriptions.

Hence, we get that your eCommerce shop wants to increase its sales, boost its traffic, and beat the competition. Let us work on your product descriptions to make them actionable and engaging to entice prospects to convert. If you want us to, we can also create blog posts, buying guides, and other high-value copy to make your visitors keep coming back to your store. 

Reach out to us for a quote! 

Why choose Strategically to create your product description writing service?

Engaging and actionable product descriptions

Considering a product description describes what each product has to offer to potential consumers, successful product descriptions should convince shoppers why they should buy the product. Now, the eCommerce industry is vast, meaning the way your product description looks and reads is paramount to whether you’ll sell your product successfully. 

But, above all, a product description should be actionable, engaging, and adhere to the “The Five 5W’s”:

  • WHO - Defining your target audience is crucial to the success of your eCommerce store. Once you know the customers you’re selling your products to, you can correctly create product descriptions that benefit their needs. 
  • WHAT - You have to showcase the best features of your products to have a chance to stand out from the competition. 
  • WHERE - Before a consumer can reach out and purchase an item or service from your store, they must know WHERE said product can be used. Describing your product’s purpose enticingly and practically is the best choice. 
  • WHEN - When’s your item best used? Show this through your product descriptions. At the same time, indicate well that your product can benefit the customer through convenience and efficiency. 
  • WHY - Mention WHY purchasing this product is necessary for a shopper. For this, you’ll need to cooperate with high-end product description writers to avoid your descriptions sounding salesy and cheap. 

At Strategically, we stick to “The 5 W’s Rule,” so you’ve nothing to worry about when you partner with us. To sum up, we create exciting, informative, and helpful product descriptions about any item or service. Period. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more.

SEO-optimisation to rank higher in search results

You may be having the best products in your industry, but if they’re not among the higher pages in the store’s search results (Amazon, eBay, etc.), consumers will not find them. This means that you lose potential sales and exposure. To help your products rank high, you need optimised descriptions. And we can help with that. 

As a successful writing agency, we’re experts in optimising content for SEO purposes, helping it rank as high as possible, whether in Google’s search results or Amazon. That said, we don’t just blindly add relevant keywords to product descriptions, but we utilise an in-depth SEO strategy to increase each product description’s reach. So, rest assured that we can create highly SEO-optimised descriptions to drive sales and grow your revenue.  

Understanding the end-user

As previously stated, when you’re working on your product descriptions, you should bear in mind that they shouldn’t be single-purposed (i.e., just to sell). They mustn’t be salesy. Instead, your descriptions must understand the end-user, or in our case, the prospective consumer. This can be done by showcasing the features that will benefit them. To put it differently, in order to make sales, your product descriptions should solve your target audience’s pain points. 

So, writing product descriptions isn't easy, but requires expertise. Partnering with Strategically is a surefire way to ensure high-quality product descriptions that consider buyers’ needs before presenting the product for sale. This can be a key differentiator and help your eCommerce store overcome competitors since you’ll be gaining consumers’ trust. Don't hesitate, therefore, to allow us to create rich product descriptions or product pages for your eCommerce site.

Product description writing services: what’s included

Unlimited revision policy - Our agency offers a generous unlimited revision policy because if our content could be better, we’re up for it! What we really love is improving our content and making it sharper. Hence, know that we won’t stop working until we tailor our copy to your exact requirements. 

Plagiarism free - We’re against any form of plagiarism, meaning our content is always unique and authentic. In fact, we run our content through a plagiarism checker to ensure its originality. This way, you’ve nothing to worry about.  

Dedicated account manager - We’re sure you’ll have lots of questions during the content creation process of your copy. For this reason, we pair you with a dedicated account manager that answers your questions and passes your feedback to the writing team. 

Expert writing team - We employ only expert writers to ensure clarity and fluency. By doing so, we provide the most accurate and flued writing and editing services.

Proofread and edited content - If your content is proofread and edited, it’ll read better. The delivered content is customised in such a way as to match your company’s values. This enhances your brand’s image and helps you establish yourself as an industry leader. 

Keyword research and SEO optimisation - Helping you optimise your content on your request is something we’re happy about. Let us boost your website’s ranking and climb the Google ladder. To optimise content, we use Surfer SEO, a tool that helps us employ only the best SEO practices to deliver your copy in a timely manner.

Our services

Our product description writers assist you with these forms of content:

  • SEO-friendly product descriptions
  • Product specifications
  • Product reviews
  • Product photos
  • Manufacturer descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • SaaS content
  • White papers
  • Evergreen content 
  • Landing pages
  • Social media posts


What does a product description writer do?

Product descriptions writers do just what their job title says; they write product descriptions. These are published on eCommerce stores, such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. In addition, expert product description writers, like those we employ at Strategically, tell stories - pretty much - through their descriptions or answer common questions. Above all, though, they manage to establish a connection with the target audience. 

An expert product description writer can also boost an online store’s ranking in search engines and bring more traffic and leads to it. And, keep in mind that a good product description must also reflect a brand’s image and values. So, if you’re an eCommerce store owner, you can bridge the gap between what your brand is and who your consumers are by investing in professional description writers.

How much does a product description cost?

That depends. If you choose to work with freelancers, you might be charged on a per-project or per-hour basis. The thing is that you can never be sure what you’ll be paying for your product descriptions and if the freelancers you choose will charge more for revisions. Hence, it’s straightforward to go over your budget. 

That said, product descriptions aren’t that expensive, ranging from $5 to $20. You might pay more, too, if you want to, but if you do so, ensure you’re paying for a highly professional service with SEO optimisation. 

Now, with Strategically, a writing content creation solution, you know what you’ll be paying upfront. There are no hidden fees. What you order is what you’ll receive. Additionally, we offer SEO-optimisation (to skyrocket your product descriptions) at an extra cost. And, we also have an unlimited revision policy, meaning we’ll keep working on your content, adding touch-ups, until you’re 100% satisfied - at no extra charge.

Who benefits from product description content?

A good (and accurate) product description helps your shoppers make good buying decisions. It offers details about the chosen product and helps them understand if a product can satisfy their needs and wants. If consumers purchase the correct products from your store, they won’t come back requesting returns, saving time, hassle, and energy. No store likes seeing consumers buying products only to request a refund or even exchange later on. 

What’s more, a store owner can benefit significantly from SEO-optimised product descriptions. The better the SEO optimisation, the higher the listings will rank within the app’s search engine, the more potential consumers will view them. So, with proper optimisation, you can prevent refunds and increase your sales. In other words, product descriptions enhance the customer experience by making your store look more professional while, at the same time, helping you sell your product. 

How great is that?

Why choose Strategically to write the descriptions of your products?

Strategically is one of the UK’s best writing agencies, which means we have the resources and experience to produce actionable product descriptions. On top of this, we employ only the best product description writers to ensure our delivered description will always be perfect and according to the requirements of our renowned clients. 

We've written over 2M words of content during our content creation journey, thousands of which compose engaging product descriptions of some of Amazon’s and Ebay’s most successful sellers. To conclude, if someone knows how to produce descriptions that help listings stand out from the competition, it’s us. So, we welcome you to contact us for custom product descriptions, in which we'll include all technical details and product features of your goods.

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